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A Leader in Cryptocurrency Investing

We believe that bitcoin and cryptocurrency will revolutionize our legacy economic, political, and social systems. With that transformation comes a generational shift in how institutions and individuals approach investing. That’s where Investment World comes in.


As the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market has emerged and evolved, Investment World has grown alongside it, becoming the leading partner to investors as they navigate and deploy capital into this new asset class.

Our mission is to help you make smarter financial decisions through innovative crypto investment experiences.

Our vision is to create new opportunities that lead to ultimate financial freedom.

What does financial freedom mean to you?
To some it may mean retiring early. To others, it may be owning a home or embarking on a trip around the world.

Founded in France and headquartered in Singapore, we began in 2021 with one belief: that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

Today, investors in over 125 countries use our platform to maximize the power of their crypto assets through secure and simple investing.

Some say our rates are too good to be true—but we’re 100% committed to helping you invest the way you want with our diverse products and enjoy the highest earn rates in the market, every single day.

Earn 2% – 3% ROI weekly with peace of mind
Start investing.

Our Values
Start with integrity
Your trust is our first priority. We commit to making honest decisions and staying true to what’s best for our investors through clear communication.

Explore a better way to earn crypto
We embrace challenges from diverse perspectives and explore all possibilities to achieve exceptional results that further our mission.

Empower everyone
Through open and respectful collaboration, we build products that allow everyone to experience simple and secure crypto investing.

Join us in building the future of crypto investing
We’re growing and looking for new talent!
Reach out to us.

For investment inquiries,
contact us at

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